Product Care

It is very essential to bear in mind that ANY jewellery piece is prone to damage when put under pressure or when it reacts with chemicals present in the air or cosmetics, sweat etc. If your precious jewellery piece is already damaged, feel free to contact us; it will be our pleasure to come to your assistance. But before it is too late, here are a few tips to keep your jewellery sparkling.




Gold Jewellery Care


Gold is a very soft metal. In fact, on Mohs scale of hardness, Gold, Silver & Platinum score only 2 to 4 whereas sand is at 7, which means your precious metal can easily be scratched. Therefore, store your jewellery in appropriate boxes or pouches and store individual pieces separately.


Also, Gold jewellery loses its sheen with usage as it gathers layers of oils from lotions, soaps, body oils and cosmetics. A regular clean up can help preserve the beauty of your precious jewels.


You can clean your jewellery at home in a bowl of warm water using household cleaning products such as liquid soap or a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals. Dip your jewellery in the bowl for 2-3 minutes and brush gently with a soft bristles toothbrush. Transfer your jewellery in a strainer and rinse under running warm water. Dry completely using a soft 100% cotton cloth before storing.


A re-polish of your jewellery at your local jeweler once a year is a good way of keeping your jewels sparkling.


Gemstone Jewellery Care


Diamonds/Flat Diamonds have a natural affinity to grease. Therefore, cleaning and caring is necessary to keep your jewellery in good condition. Clean your jewellery in a bowl of warm water using mild detergents and a soft bristles toothbrush, rinse, and dry using a lint free cloth. Alternatively, ammonia with lukewarm water is also a good option to clean diamond jewellery. Avoid harsh chemicals.


A similar treatment can be used to clean your Rubies, Emeralds & Sapphire jewellery as well.


To clean further, you can also use an ultrasonic cleaner, but it can damage delicate color stones and even shake out insecurely set stones.





So always remember, your precious jewellery is delicate and needs to be preserved and kept carefully. Sparing a little time every month to clean it or get it polished/repaired can go a long way in preserving your adorned jewels for generations.